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    Z-HiTech is a hi-tech company for the
Z generation, immersing students in the world of modern technology, Startup entrepreneurship, cutting-edge educational platforms and emerging educational platforms, with the goal and supplementing the students’ education and helping them acquire the tools required to break into the hi-tech industry.

Z-HiTech is the author's innovative method of integrated education for students aged 12-18 - “learn by working”
and “earn by learning” - preparing them for work in international hi-tech companies.

Z-Hitech includes the study of English, mathematics, programming and startup entrepreneurship.

Z-Hitech methodology involves a combination of
innovative learning approaches

Synergy - enhancing the learning effect through the cross-use of training materials in our four key subject areas.

Utilizing the best platforms and tools as integral parts of the learning environment: Wix, Codemonkey, Words2Learn, etc. and integrating them into a complete self-sufficient educational process.

Combining online lessons, one-on-one lessons with a mentor, and personalized homework for more effective learning.

Involvement of parents in the learning process through automated mailings informing them about their student’s progress.

Focus on group work: utilizing the various platforms for both communication and guided competition among the groups.

Building student motivation using the “profit motive”- part of the money paid to the company is returned to students as their “salary,” based in part on their performance in the program.


Based on the following approaches:

•  Involving the Words2Learn embedded fiction library of various genres and complexity used as a textbook or manual for reading and listening these books using human and machine voice with a UK or US pronunciation.

•  Using of Z-Hitech proprietary materials: exercises, tests, dictations, essays or narratives.

•  Testing students for knowledge of educational materials that are not included in the course of study in order to draw the attention of parents to certain knowledge gaps that they should pay attention to.


Z-Hitech proprietary math course is intended to fill the gap between the school education curriculum and the high level mathematic and analytical thinking skills that are required for in the hi-tech industry.


The study involves the best training platforms (such as Wix, Codemonkey and others) and Z-Hitech proprietary materials, exercises and examples. The process of learning starts with the basic principles of programming, including using Wix to help the students build their own websites, leading students to understand fundamental programming methods and languages, including CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP and advancing to more advanced concepts as individual student progress allows. 

Startup Entrepreneurship

The author's innovative course is based on the founder’s broad practical experience in the field of startup entrepreneurship and innovative principles of startup promotion. The purpose of training is to provide students theoretical and practical knowledge and tools in the field of startup entrepreneurship.

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